About Me

Hi! I'm Hannes Stocker

Far far away, behind the mountains, far from the countries I was born in 1974 in a small town in Italy.

After my studies and military service I started to give a sense at my life. Challenges as my first company when I was 22 and consulting with 24 were a good motivation.

I like doing extreme sports, studying new staff and driving my plane. 


Verona - Italy
New York - NY

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My Story

History of the Company

I was born in a small village in northern Italy, obtained studies in trade economics and after my military period in 1994, my interests in the world of precious metals became stronger and I founded my first company. I started trading Krugerrand gold coins in the entire European area. One year later in 1995, I used my knowledge and experience in traveling and business economy for a new challenge and I started consulting services for companies and private persons.



My Career

It's a long list of studies and experiences in many different areas.

  • In 1994 I decided to become a businessman
  • One year later I expand my business in consulting
  • Al During these years I never stoped studying new tasks and different countries with their different economics
  • I also studyied the different lifes of bilionairs understanding why some person becomes rich and others not and added life coaching to my skills.